Piano Competition Online

THREE cash prizes of 1000 EUR total! Grand Prix for 3 absolute winners.

Application deadline: 28th February 2023

1. The Piano Competition Online is open for classical pianists and piano duos from all countries of the world.

2. The competition takes place entirely over the Internet.

No transport or acommodation costs – the competition is based on the online video submission.

3. There is no age limit. The competition will be held in 10 different age categories for piano solo and two age categories for piano duo (two pianos and/or four hands):

Piano solo categories:

I category – born in 2015 and younger
II category – born in 2014 and 2013
III category – born in 2012 and 2011
IV category – born in 2010 and 2009
V category – born in 2008 and 2007
VI category – born in 2006 and 2005
VII category – born in 2004 and 2002
VIII category – born in 2001 and 1999
IX category – born in 1998 and 1996
X category – born in 1995 and older

Piano Duo Categories:
Piano Duo Junior – born in 2005 and younger
Piano Duo Senior – born in 2004 and older

Assignment to a category is determined by the average age of the contestants in the duo. For example, if one person was born in 2006 and the other in 2000, the average is 2003, so this would be the piano duo Senior category.


Contestants can choose FREELY the repertoire which reflects their musicality and artistic personality the best way.
Piano duos may play either pieces for 4 hands or for 2 pianos or a combination of both.

All the contestants are obliged to play their program from memory. Except for Piano Duos – they can play from sheet music.

The repertoire should consist of one or more pieces which has to fulfill the time frame, depending on the age category:

I – III: up to 8 minutes
IV – VI: up to 12 minutes
VII – X: up to 16 minutes
Piano duo Junior: up to 15 minutes
Piano duo Senior: up to 20 minutes

Recording exceeding maximum time by more than 60 seconds will be evaluated only based on a fragment conformable to the competition requirements.

Solo categories : for the current edition of the Competition we accept recordings of piano solo works or/and piano with orchestra (a second piano can perform as orchestra).

Due to restricted duration of the uploaded recording it is allowed to send a single movement or chosen movements from the cyclic form such as a sonata, suite etc.

In case of premier performance or playing a non-catalogued composition, it is necessary to send scores of such composition via e-mail.


You need to submit links to the video recording of your performance.

Only links to the public platform like YouTube, Vimeo, BiliBili or similar are accepted – please do not send files to download.
Please make sure your video is not marked as „private” so we can have a free access.

The full names of the pieces, the composer and the performer, must be included in the video title or description.

The whole silhouette as well as hands of the contestant must be clearly visible.

You do not have to put all your performance in one video, you can submit one video per piece.

If you perform a cycle piece like sonata or suite the cuts between movements are not allowed.

Only unedited videos will be accepted.

The video for competition purposes cannot be made earlier than 12 months prior to the competition.


The jury will consist of concert pianists and experienced piano-pedagogues.
Jurors’ work is based on the internal regulations.
Our contestants will be judged based only on the submitted recordings.
The decisions of the jury is final and irrevocable.
You can read more about our Jury members here.
Jurors’ students are not allowed to participate in the competition.


In each of 12 categories, the Jury will award 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize and honorable mention, according to the number of score (0-25 points) got by the contestant or the duo.

The special cash prizes of 1,000 EUR total will be awarded to the greatest personalities of the Competition. The selected first prize winners from all categories will receive €500, €300 or €200. They will receive a “Grand Prix” diploma and will be displayed at the top of the page Winners.

The criteria that the Jury will take into account when awarding these prizes are: outstanding artistic personality, musicality, professionalism of preparation. In the case of young pianists: outstanding piano potential, and in the case of piano duos: chamber music collaboration and exquisite musicanship.

Even if you won’t get the prize you can count on our comment and all the younger participants will be sent feedback from the Jurors. We can also send feedback to adult contestants whenever requested.

All the awarded contestants can be sent printed Diplomas by post office whenever requested.

The selected laureates may be offered concerts opportunities in season 2022/2023.

The prize winners will be promoted on the official Piano Competition Online website as well as on social media held by the Competition organization (Instagram, Facebook).

All the Contestants will receive a printable Certificate of Attendance by email.

The Jury reserves the right not to award some of the prizes, and/or to divide prizes as it sees suitable.


The application fee is 80 EUR for Soloists and 100 EUR for Piano Duos

Go to the Application form.

We provide the secure link for the payment. After submitting the application you will be redirected to the payment platform.

Once the application fee is paid it cannot be refunded under any circumstances.


Contestant must fill in the Application form here.

The application fee must be paid directly after submitting the form
otherwise the application will be suspended.
If you have any issues with the payment do not hesitate to contact us.

Application deadline: 28th February 2023

The results will be published on 25th March 2023

The application of minor musicians must be filled and submitted by their parents or legal guardianship (tutor).


By participating in the competition, participants agree to the possible publication and popularization of the submitted recordings and photos for promotional purposes. The competition organizers reserve the right to edit and crop participants’ photos for publication (as promotion) on the Internet.


Piano Competition Online
Piano Competition Online